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Gustav Norén: Hi everyone, looks like I’m next up!

 September 2015

My name is Gustav and I am also one of the latest contributions to Accedos Trainee team.


I will follow Jiawei’s lead and tell you a bit about myself – I am a vivid sports fan, and asides from the big sporting events I follow English football closely. I think I’ll play it safe and keep my favourite premier league team to myself to begin with so I don’t risk making any enemies at this point. Other interests that I gladly spend time on include skiing and working out. 

Academically I have a BSc in Computer Engineering and a MSc in Computer Science from Linköping University. In fact, it would seem that Accedo is being invaded by recent graduates from Linköping. And that is one of the reasons that I am here – as I was originally recommended Accedo by a classmate. Following this tip I talked to one of the previous trainees at a student career fair in Linköping. The company really caught my interest so I applied to do my master thesis here and got the opportunity to work in the new and exciting area of smartwatches. Upon completing my thesis I was looking for an opportunity to broaden my knowledge within many different areas (both software and business), learn a lot and kick start my career – Accedos trainee program fit that bill.

My first Trainee assignment will be to join the Android team working with the new pure product: VIA Go. It will be really interesting to get onboard “on the ground floor “ so to speak, and follow and work with a product through to it’s release. But before this I will have the pleasure to represent Accedo at IBC in Amsterdam. This will be very exciting and a real learning experience.

I look forward to keeping you all posted on my experiences! Take care /Gustav

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