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Hello from the other side

 April 2016

Gustav here with an update two weeks into my new trainee rotation. Since my adventures in Hong Kong I have joined the Support team in the Stockholm office. The Accedo Support team is a global organisation which provides 24/7 service to ensure that the applications we deliver continue to perform successfully long after delivery. This includes making the necessary  applications and services updates and foreseeing possible issues for our customers like HBO Nordic, FOX, Deutsche Telekom etc.

It has been very interesting so far and I’m realising that the job requires a wide skill set, ranging from administration (handling several tickets and customers at the same time in a correct manner) along with a wide knowledge base regarding different platforms and technologies. It is also exciting for me to see how our services and products are used and perceived by our customers after release. As a developer, this is like being on “the other side” of a product I can certainly see how this will will be useful for me in the future, and will add an important dimension to my developing abilities and decisions!

I would also take this opportunity to brag a bit about the tech event we held at the Stockholm office this past Wednesday. The event consisted of expert seven speed talks about design, mobile app development, system deployment and a number of demos. This in combination with some pizzas, beer and great discussions afterwards made it a great success. This was the second of its kind and there will be more to come.

That’s all from me for now, have a great weekend. In Sweden we will be celebrating Valborg to welcome the spring!


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