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Happy Chinese New Year

 March 2016

Hej! Jiawei is back!

I just returned to Sweden from a two-week vacation in China for Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). It was the first time I visited my hometown since I started my career in Sweden and I really felt different to on previous visits, whilst I was still a student.

I took my parents some New Years gifts, a pair of smart wristbands. Partly I wanted to update them with some of the latest technology, but also as they get older I really want to help them keep fit! The smart wristbands help them track their steps per day, and give information on real-time heart rate and sleep quality. I hope this will remind them to exercise and keep track of their health. I also bought them an iPad Air 2, now that I am in the industry I realise the importance of an improved user experience for entertainment, which I want them to be able to enjoy. Health and entertainment benefits asides, my parents were pleased with their presents and that was the best part.

Back from vacation, I am currently busy working on the implementation of a new design for one of our biggest customers in Germany. The customer is eager to launch soon so my teammates and I are working hard to make the deadline. One the best bits about working within Professional Services, is the proximity to our clients which is necessary for understanding their requirements and expectations. I am still new to this way of working, and therefore learning as I go. But that is the true value of being a trainee, being exposed to a variety of clients, tools and technologies, and at the end of the day I will have a comprehensive understanding of both the company and the industry.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, this year is the Year of the Monkey. If you are curious about your own Chinese Zodiac, you can find it here. Happy Chinese New Year! 新春快乐! 🙂

(Picture: Designed by Freepik)


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