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Half-day workshop in a hut!

 April 2015

The other day we (the trainees: me, Nicolas and Niklas) were given the opportunity to sit down in a half-day workshop with some of the more senior people in the company, namely our CEO Michael Lantz, the SVP of Business Development and company co-founder Fredrik Andersson, the VP of Products Fredrik Sandberg and the Product Development Director Anders Jöfelt. The workshops were a planned activity as part of the trainee period and were held in a rather cool “hut” on the rooftop of a building in Stockholm city center (see the picture). During the different sessions we had, we covered everything from high to low, including identifying strengths and points for improvement within the company, possible future strategies for the company and our general findings from rotating around the company so far. We also got the chance to work on-, and present shorter case studies on current product offerings such as our products Accedo VIA and Accedo AppGrid as well as discuss the plans on how to expand and move forward with next year’s trainee program, resulting in immensely rewarding sessions.

Niklas being stoked about where we ended up.
Niklas being stoked about where we ended up.

The atmosphere was open and friendly, giving us trainee’s all the room we needed to elaborate and discuss what we thought. The discussions were really rewarding and our feedback and thoughts were highly appreciated by our seniors. With the workshops finishing at around 6 PM, we wrapped up and headed for a nice dinner and quiz night at a small pub in central Stockholm. Unfortunately, the “oldies” as they preferred to call themselves, won that one with a mere 6 points in a total of 48 questions over us trainees. Despite this, it was a really nice day!

Happy easter everyone!

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