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Going to the next level

 June 2016

Our industry is in an extremely interesting phase. I believe that we’re now leaving the experimentation phase and we’re moving into a phase where the industry is maturing. It’s still too early to see who will be the winners or losers, but we can definitely see the market trends more clearly than just a couple of years ago.

I firmly believe in the power of the user experience. In a market where video services will be everywhere, consumers will increasingly choose the video service, which gives them the best experience. Engagement with the consumers will allow content and service providers to better understand behavioural trends and correspondingly where to invest. I believe that Accedo is the company best positioned to deliver, deploy and manage the best user experience for video consumption. Simply speaking, we believe that we can help our customers transform the video experience.

To take Accedo to the next level and to make sure our products and services continue to be significantly better than the competition, we have decided to raise additional capital. We have partnered with SEB Private Equity, a growth and private equity fund, which will be the lead investor in Accedo going forward. Together with other investors we’re injecting $10M to accelerate the company development.

I’m also pleased that the industry veteran James Ackerman has agreed to be the Chairman of the Board, working closely with the Accedo management team to define and execute on our strategy.

Together with the Accedo global team in 18 offices around the world, I’m excited to take the company to the next level.

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