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Getting a Piece of the OTT Action

 July 2017

OTT (Over-The-Top) content as a means for brand engagement has been steadily growing in popularity, arguably because video content is significantly more engaging than, say, written content or still images. On top of this, as OTT provision can be personalised, it is also more effective and appealing than delivering a video via a newsletter or on social media. Naturally, OTT is an opportunity no corporation would choose to ignore.

Up until lately, however, the provision of OTT content was an expensive and technically difficult process. The extent of these challenges outweighed the benefits, and so OTT platforms remained the remit of large content providers and broadcasters. Fast-forward to today and we see our customer base changing, as organisations and niche video creators embrace OTT to deliver highly specific content on a global scale, enabled by our own cost-effective cloud-based video delivery services. We now serve a larger enterprise market, all recognising the democratisation of video services as an opportunity to increase customer engagement.

From Salomon the extreme sports retailer, to Les Mills the global fitness organisation, OTT content is proving successful at building communities and increasing sales. With the right content, almost anyone can now provide OTT video, to effectively communicate and engage with their valued audience.

This article continues on Campaign Live US, which can be accessed here.

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