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Dynamic UX as a Competitive Differentiator

 October 2016

Dynamic UX is a continuously optimised experience based on the user and the context, such as user profile, behaviour, time of day, promotional campaigns and so on. It has been around for a while in gaming, e-commerce, business, etc, running on one or two devices. However it has been extremely costly to implement this concept in the OTT-market due to the fragmentation of the technologies and the challenges of making changes in real time. Only a few players, including Netflix, have been implementing it.

A dynamic UX can be used to increase conversion, to engage the user and to reduce churn. It can have a massive impact on how your users experience and interact with your service, and it can be the advantage your service needs to stand out in an increasingly fragmented and competitive OTT-market. But you must act fast. In a few years, having a service with a dynamic UX will be a determining factor, something your viewers have come to expect of their services. Without it, your service will be less attractive.

However, implementing and managing a dynamic UX can be challenging. If not planned for and executed correctly, it can also be very costly. It can lead to increased implementation cost and, if not thought through, you will end up with a user experience that, while it can change dynamically, will still be nasty.

A well executed dynamic UX will be an effective way of changing the UX on all of your touch points on the fly. It can reduce churn, increase viewing and user engagement and ultimately increase the revenues of your service. It should therefore clearly be a part of your video service strategy.

Accedo AppGrid enables our customers across the globe to implement a fully dynamic UX. It is a cloud-based application configuration and content management platform for multiscreen application management and it allows you to:

  • Control & adapt your applications and their behaviour, look and feel and layouts in real-time, across any platform in any application context, be it a native VOD application on a mobile phone or a triple A game, running on a high performing game console,
  • Analyse & optimise your applications by comparing usage statistics over time, platforms, application versions and geographies, and run A/B tests to improve your user experience,
  • Monitor & troubleshoot the health of your application deployment, in close to real-time across any type of device with in-application error statistics and take proactive measures with built-in regression test automation powered by Accedo QBots.

By leveraging the features within AppGrid, our clients can take true multiscreen control of their applications, keep the total cost of ownership down for their application deployments, increase the quality, and maximise the value of their service. In the end, all of this amounts to an increase in customer satisfaction – something that is of paramount importance in succeeding with any video service offering.
If you want to learn more about the challenges and benefits of a dynamic UX, you can catch Accedo at VUIX 2016 in London on Wednesday 19th October.

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