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Does it really matter how you present your content to your customers?

 December 2016

Over the last few years we have moved from a market where content rights owners were focused on little more than maximising the device reach of their services to one where there is an increasing realisation that consumers expect a low-friction, elegant and easy way to find and consume the content they love. Both Accedo and Digiflare have been investing time, effort and experience into the development of products which make it easier than ever for their customers to take ownership for real-time monitoring, reporting and management of how their services are being used by their customers. From Santiago to Stockholm, from London to Lagos, from Singapore to Sydney, we see a growing demand for greater control and simplicity for end consumers and service owners alike.

The companies’ consumer and operator-centric mentality has always been a common aspect to how the Accedo and Digiflare teams have worked. Whilst both companies have a strong heritage in the North American market, Accedo’s experience has been more heavily weighted to the international business in which Digiflare saw a bright future. This converging interest, as well as the mutual admiration between our two companies, made a merger an increasingly obvious idea.

It’s been a pleasure to get to know the Digiflare team and I personally am hugely excited at working with and learning from our new colleagues, It’s also gratifying to see that we have such similar perspectives on the global TV industry and what matters most to our customers, and to their customers in turn. Innovation, quality and integrity are at the heart of our two companies, combined with an ambition to do more together, and to do it better than anyone else. Mergers are always an interesting time, of course, but there are few which seem to have such a natural fit between culture, perspectives and products.

TV and video entertainment is more than just about getting great content to demanding customers. It’s about empowering service providers and providing the most seamless and simple way for all of us to find and watch the content we love. With Digiflare and Accedo now combined, we’ll be doing that even better than before. We’re looking forward to it.

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