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Did someone say Awards?

Vanessa Vigar
 August 2017

Sorry, did someone say awards? You know, since we are on the subject – have you heard that we’ve been nominated for quite a few? The Oscars got in touch last week to announce… only kidding. But seriously, the recognition we have been getting over the last year is overwhelming. Since last summer we have continuously been nominated, and won numerous awards at incredibly events and couldn’t be humbler at the acknowledgements we have received. And the smiles just keep on coming!

We are unbelievably proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the CSI Awards, the Content Innovation Awards, and Streaming Media Reader’s Choice Award over the last few weeks. Our multiple ventures such as Magenta Musik 360 VR concert experience, our OTT provision to Renfe Railways, and our solutions have all gained amazing recognition from these award shortlists.

We are so proud to be able to have come so far since 2004, starting up in an industry that had never seen the type of products that we were providing before. Entering an industry years before it was ready for us was a daunting prospect, but we always knew it would pay off. From a company with a big goal and a small team, we have evolved to a global company expanding over almost 10 countries with 550 staff members. Surely that does deserve an Oscar?! Might have to settle with one for the office?

We already cannot wait for the announcements of the CSI awards at IBC this year. We are also looking forward to demonstrating our exciting new virtual reality innovations and our solutions for connecting IOT with OTT at IBC this year. Interested in meeting with us at IBC and chatting all about it?!

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