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Delivering OTT with a product-based approach

 January 2017

OTT video has exploded over the past months, with more and more services coming to market and a great sea of content choices for consumers. This is great news naturally for video lovers across the globe, many of whom are signing up to multiple services to get their own unique mix of content. For service providers, OTT is not only an attractive offering, but a necessary route to remaining competitive.

Today we announced a partnership with Comcast Technology Solutions to deliver a new end-to-end solution for launching OTT services. Crucially this solution enables a product-based approach, which means faster time to market, lower CAPEX and a more standardised approach, whilst allowing room for individual roadmaps and future differentiation. This is particularly important in a world where OTT video is becoming a core (and real) business for more and more service providers, and those providers are having to launch services quickly and efficiently to be and stay competitive.

So, the product-based approach is an attractive one. The Comcast solution in particular has a number of key benefits for providers:

  • Decrease bespoke development costs and time to market,
  • Deliver the best experience using a combination of world class partners,
  • Enable monetisation to secure profitable and sustainable relationships with consumers,
  • Launch, learn, adapt and grow with the solution.

We have worked with Comcast Technology Solutions for a long time, having already deployed solutions to numerous clients across the globe. This partnership and new solution means we harmonised our technology and work more closely with them. And there is indeed a natural fit, with Comcast Technology Solutions delivering the critical components with regards to content workflow, video management and technical distribution, and leaving us to concentrate on what we do best – Dynamic UX ensuring an awesome end-user experience across all devices and platforms.

We will be demonstrating the joint solution at CES this week, along with our full portfolio of solutions from the recently merged Accedo and Digiflare. Please get in touch if you want to see how we can transform your video experience.

You can read the announcement from Comcast Technology Solutions here.


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