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Accedo Sports
Innovative solutions for sport content owners
We help companies in the sport industry leverage the power of multi-screen OTT video.
We offer a suite of digital tools that creates long-term value for the sponsor brands, the fans, and the sports.
Produce content dynamically and optimize it for different platforms, with integrated sponsorship & CTA placements.
Publish your content seamlessly across multiple devices and form-factors with a premium UX and multimedia capability.
Leverage AR to bring new content formats into the ‘fanless’ experience and create personalized digital offerings for fans.

d2c Archive solution

Share Vision
We work with Customers to understand their vision and provide automation benefits & expertise
Automation Approach
Deciding on an automation approach and tool that is most suitable for Customers needs
Automation Scoping
Agreeing automation coverage/scope, test scenarios and reporting requirements
Scripting of test cases, reporting, maintenance and evolving automation test suite
Execute & Report
We run all agreed Scripts for all devices and gather the reports
Maintenance & Evolution
Script Test cases revision and Test cases evolution
"Content To Glass" Service
Engage viewers with a comprehensive content strategy and implementation of your archive offering.
High-Tech Made Simple
Our content processing platform uses machine-learning to create rich metadata sets that unlock a wealth of use-cases.
Planning For Success
Our consulting partner will work with you to understand where archive can deliver the most value to your sport.
Reaching New Fans
Your archive can travel to different platforms, networks and devices, supporting new services and reaching new audiences.
Learn how to monetize fan engagement in a digital era
Our white paper explores how sports entities can exploit the value of the content assets on which they sit in order to create a fan engagement strategy that is fit for the digital era.