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Coming full circle

 July 2016


Gustav here with a last update before I go on my summer vacation. Since last time I wrote a blog post I have left the support team and started my last (has it been almost a year already?) rotation during my trainee period. I really feel that is has been a good experience to have spent time in this department. You really need to have good split vision and be able to juggle and keep track of a lot of different issues and problems simultaneously. This is areas I feel that i improved in during my time with the support team and I’m impressed with the work that they do each day. I also feel that having some additional knowledge with various platforms can be useful going forward within Accedo after the trainee program. But I’m excited about my last rotation which will be within our Innovations department here at the Stockholm office. Here new technologies and different approaches to the video experience are explored and tested. Some PoC’s (proof of concepts) are developed and showcased so it’s a lot of fun.

You could say that I have really come full circle since this is where it all started for me at Accedo. I did my Master thesis as the last part of my education from January till June in 2015 working with smartwatches looking into their use cases and cross-platform development possibilities. But this time around I will be working on a new take on the UX (user experience) in a video application. We are developing a proof of concept that will be showcased at IBC (a huge trade show within the industry) in Amsterdam this September. Please check out the Accedo Labs section of our website to learn more about our way of work. There you also can find a small section about my thesis work with smartwatches (full report and list of finding can be found here).

I’m really excited about this rotation and I think it will be a fun project to be a part of! But before really diving into this task I will be taking some well needed vacation (3 weeks) and will be visiting Croatia among other places. So I wish you all a nice summer and I’ll write again once I’m back and well rested.

Until next time!




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