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CES 2017:  A Video Odyssey

Mrugesh Desai
 January 2017

CES 2017 was a landmark moment for our newly merged company.  With Accedo and Digiflare joining forces towards the tail end of 2016, CES represented the first time that we would articulate our joint product and service offerings to the leading media brands, TV operators and device manufacturers in attendance from all around the world.  The Accedo showcase at this year’s CES covered the entire spectrum of video experience offerings.  Whether you were an startup OTT service, a major TV Network looking for multi device/platform reach, a pay TV operator invested in legacy TV infrastructure, or a video workflow partner looking to define an end-to-end TV app offering, our team had the product offerings and consulting services on hand to turn your vision into a reality.  At Accedo, we truly believe in helping democratize the TV viewing experience and a real motivating aspect of our merger with Digiflare was the fact that our collective experience and subject matter expertise would allow us to deploy solutions that cater to all aspects of your video experience needs.

In terms of new technologies, CES 2017 announced a number of exciting offerings from the TV manufacturers.  Sony announced the OLED Bravia 4K TV and their move towards OLED displays comes with the promise of “unprecedented black levels, rich and lifelike color, dynamic contrast, blur-less image, and a wide viewing angle.”  In short, it will be Sony’s most premium TV offering yet.  LG, a pioneer in OLED, also announced a fantastic new TV offering.  The Signature W7 Series OLED TV was barely believable and was one of the wow moments of CES.  The 65-inch+ TVs feature a bendable display with a sub-3mm design (yes, SUB THREE millimetres!).  These premium TVs will demand complementary, premium TV app user experiences.  Through the expertise and cutting edge of Accedo’s smart TV design and development teams, we absolutely cannot wait to roll out some exciting video experience apps to target these devices.  TCL also expanded their partnership with ROKU, announcing 25 new ROKU 4K TVs for the North American market.  These TVs come with Dolby Vision HDR technology that offer up more colours for the TV watcher.  Accedo is a recommended ROKU developer partner and apps we create for the ROKU platform will be available for streaming through this price friendly line of TCL televisions.

Virtual Reality was also at the forefront of the technology showcase at CES 2017.  Accedo is a firm believer in forging ahead with innovation and through demonstrations via our Accedo Cream™ UX and specific VR concepts targeting sports and news use cases, we provided tangible examples of what compelling video experiences through VR will be. Watch This Space!

Finally, a big revelation for Team Accedo on the technology partnership front was our announcement with Comcast Technology Solutions on a Multi-Platform, Direct-to-Consumer Solution for Content Providers.  The feedback on this partnership has been tremendous with content providers now able to launch OTT services through our joint end-to-end service.  This partnership offers a multi-platform deployment strategy with reduced time-to-market that is supported by an advantageous OPEX friendly pricing model.

With the ever-changing landscape of television, CES 2017 was the ideal event to help us kickoff the year.  The feedback and insights gained from our customers and partners help us validate our solutions and also shape our future roadmaps.  Television is a medium that articulates the challenges of today’s world, fosters imagination, encourages education and unites billions of people through the content that is digested.  Accedo’s promise at CES 2017 was clear – we will be your champion in enabling the best in class user experience and technology to reach your users with the content that really matters in today’s world.

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