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What Caught My Eye – How the Silicon Valley disruption models are finally reaching the pay-TV industry

What Caught My Eye – How the Silicon Valley disruption models are finally reaching the pay-TV industry

 September 2018

 By Fredrik Andersson, SVP Strategy and Solutions, Accedo

This year is a bit special to me since I’ve been asked by the What Caught My Eye team to identify some of this year’s most interesting companies and innovations.

I´ve attended IBC since the mid nineties so I´ll try and share some thoughts on innovation within the Pay TV ecosystem using this perspective.

During the past 20 years we have seen many innovations within Pay TV with top of mind examples including LCD, Plasma, Digital Television, HD, 4K, 3D TV, LED TVs, Smart TVs, OLED, Video On Demand, 4K and UHD.

This is certainly a long list and I´ve probably even forgot a few innovations along the way! However, if we change perspective and compare the Pay TV industry to the Internet ecosystem I think we all can agree that the velocity and level of innovation are not even close.

The historic challenge for Pay TV has been the technical fragmentation which has resulted in too many esoteric and monolithic solutions which in turn has made open innovation difficult to say the least.

With OTT, a technology shift that is built upon many of the Internet standards, Pay-TV is finally ready for true open innovation.

Pay TV 2.0 = Disruption
Despite the proliferation of OTT, more than 80% of the global TV revenues are still tied to the traditional Pay TV ecosystem.

This means that the traditional ecosystem are still being supported by existing TV revenues but with the exponential global growth of OTT this is about to change very quickly and the TV ecosystem will look very different in 10 years time.

Existing suppliers in the Pay TV industry will need to evolve, innovate and compete for a position in this fast evolving landscape. However, this time they are not only competing within the ecosystem but also with new entrants that are trying to disrupt the industry.

A number of the world’s leading Internet innovators, e.g. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have all turned their focus towards the media and entertainment vertical and they are not looking to merely provide incremental innovations but to disrupt the industry by putting their technology and distribution power to use in this fast evolving market.

Focus for “What caught my eye 2018 @ IBC”
The Internet companies have been around for some time but it’s only recently we have witnessed a significant increase in marketing budgets and active participation in broadcasting related industry events.

Disruption is always exciting and fascinating and will thus be the key theme for this year. We´ll identify and give examples on some of the new technologies and how they might disrupt certain parts of the ecosystem.

Join my presentation of What Caught My Eye at IBC on Monday, September 17th at 8:15 am and follow our discussions on Twitter @accedotv #WCME2018

Don’t forget to book a meeting with us at IBC!

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