Several years after the successful launch of Roku apps for the SHOWTIME standalone OTT streaming service and SHOWTIME ANYTIME authentication service, Showtime Networks opted to enhance the apps’ premium user experience by rebuilding them using Roku’s SceneGraph SDK.

In order to achieve that goal, Showtime Networks retained Digiflare (now Accedo) to rebuild the Brightscript client applications and update the visual user experience, which included incorporating stylish animations and building new features.

Tapping Into Expert Guidance

Accedo provided expertise on Roku, a challenging platform that requires very specialized knowledge.

Accedo used an agile scrum team consisting of project managers, developers, and a quality assurance team to execute the project. It was also able to run Roku QA Automation which drastically sped up the QA process by simultaneously testing 5 devices. In addition to implementing the design provided by Showtime Networks, Accedo also incorporated Showtime Networks’ requirements for business intelligence, enabling analytics on app performance and usage.

Accedo also built a number of additional features for both the SHOWTIME standalone streaming service and SHOWTIME ANYTIME. These included series autoplay, making it easier for consumers to watch the next episode without having to take action, and resume watching, which reduces time-to-play for the next episode in a series making the user experience more seamless.

Working with an iconic brand like Showtime really pushed us to develop a user experience that would be performant and delightful. Our strong expertise developing for the ROKU platform helped us execute the project successfully and we’re excited to continue supporting Showtime with developing their video experiences on other OTT platforms.

Mrugesh Desai Head of Sales Engineering
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