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 June 2013

Canal Digital and Accedo first in Europe with IPTV Karaoke service

Canal Digital further strengthens its lead in Swedish Digital TV by launching Karaoke on Demand for all its broadband TV customers. In co-operation with Accedo Broadband, the KaraokeParty service has now been launched.

In addition to the fact that we are the only ones in Europe having the KaraokeParty service, I’m also excited since this is the perfect interactive on-demand service. The TV viewers can invite friends and both watch and sing at the same time. The service contains a large library of songs and is very user-friendly through interactive menus, says Victor Theander, Product Manager for broadband TV at Canal Digital.

KaraokeParty can be played either on your own in a training mode or with up to 4 players. The players choose their own karaoke profile and can then compete with other players. The users have access to hundreds of popular songs with accompanying videos in different genres. The song library will be constantly updated according to user demand.

We have a very good and close relationship with Canal Digital and are very pleased to launch the KaraokeParty service to Canal Digital’s customers. It’s a very entertaining service, which we believe will appeal to a large part of the subscriber base. Even though Accedo’s application portfolio is continuously growing rapidly, we think that Karaoke will be one of the top applications for IPTV, says Fredrik Andersson, VP Business Development at Accedo Broadband.

Viewers can choose between paying 60 SEK for a 24 hour access or to subscribe to the service for an 80 SEK monthly subscription. KaraokeParty is the the sixth on-demand service at Canal Digital broadband TV offering. In addition to Karaokeparty, Canal Digital has three movies-on-demand services, the game service FunZone and Pause TV, the latter two distributed in co-operation with Accedo Broadband. Canal Digital plans to launch more services during 2006.

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