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How do we build a compelling UX?

How do we build a compelling UX?

Vitali Soroka
 March 2018

By Vitali Soroka, Director, User Experience and Design, Accedo

Mediocre experiences are forgotten, but the ones that make your heart stop (for good or for bad) are the ones we’ll all be talking about.  So how do we filter through the good from the bad?  It’s all in knowing what will make the user happy.

When we begin constructing a user experience, there are three pieces that form the foundation of the interface.  The first is what the user needs.  This is highly task-based and functional, capable of delivering what they are looking for in the most precise way.

The second is what the user wants.  In a similar fashion to the need, the goal is to find what the user expects, and blow right past it.

Lastly, the technological limitations create a lasting barrier if not carefully catered around.  Performance has a massive impact on experience and if the app doesn’t jump when the user says jump, all the negative emotions of mediocrity make the user close the app and uninstall it.

With the foundation resting on three solidly research-driven long legs, the next step is to pump in the creative fuel that takes the user’s expectation of a task-focused experience and light it up.  The goal in this brainstorming blue sky stage of UX construction is fireworks.  The process is iteration, and a lot of it. Out of this stage comes application maps, wireframes, visual design composites, and the crowning glory: animated prototypes.

The animated video provides vision across all departments and carries forward throughout the nuts and bolts of the app.  This is the creative brief come to life; if pictures speak a thousand words, videos speak a thousand pictures.

Through this approach, we open up doors to ideas that allow us to test new technology.  We can cast a vision of future technologies, like voice control on TV apps, and suss out the friction points before spending the time to dig through the compliance mud.  We can be openly creative and see where the winds take us, and within this creative freedom we can fully embrace UX creativity to create experiences that are exclusive, uniquely beautiful, and unparalleled in technological proficiency.

Come and meet me at NAB to find out just how we build a compelling UX.

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