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BroadcastAsia – Big players still rule the roost

 June 2016

Well, BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia are over for another year. It is one of the shows that I always enjoy the most and I’m glad that this year didn’t disappoint, and it wasn’t just the nice weather! Accedo went bigger than ever this year and it was great to see so many of our existing customers and partners. As well as meeting lots of new ones.

A couple of things stood out for me this year. Firstly, we were seeing a lot of interest from brands looking to go direct-to-consumer. And it isn’t surprising really, in a world where you can easily reach your target audience direct and engage with them in a way never before possible, why wouldn’t you? To enable them to do that, lots of brands and smaller media companies are looking for cheaper, off-the-shelf solutions to help them. This is an area that Accedo will continue to invest in and we have already seen an incredible amount of early interest in our recently launched joint solution with Brightcove (aka “OTT FLOW”).

The other thing that was obvious from walking around the show is that the big players in the region still rule the roost. They are, for the most part, innovative, ready to embrace new technology and delivery methods. Added with the fact that they already have a ready-made audience and good brand presence, they are definitely onto a winner. That is however not to say there isn’t room for the little guys, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out over the next year. Users will naturally flock to the bigger players in each market and the ones that are able to offer the most relevant content to them. However, as the market matures and so to the user, it will be interesting to see how the same users search and discovery techniques and their viewing habits evolve over the months ahead.

As I mentioned in a recent article on Videonet, the trend I think we will see emerge over the coming months in the APAC region to address this market maturation, is the return of the king aggregator

For years the traditional ‘aggregators’ dominated the household entertainment space in most regions. Whether it was the local free-to-air broadcasters or Pay TV operators it of course varied from market to market, but they essentially had the freedom to decide what we watched and when. More importantly, how we watched.

In most APAC markets it is a free for all at the moment and it would seem that most are content with going it alone for now. However, there is only so much ‘viewing time’ available and the need for users to constantly go in and out of different apps across different devices to watch their favourite shows is quickly mimicking days of yesteryear.  With so many services to choose from and an ever increasing list of challengers to the thrown in every market, there has never been a bigger opportunity for a return of the aggregator. I personally believe we will see a shift by the time we get to BroadcastAsia 2017 with some clear winners having emerged – watch this space!

Finally, you can watch my interview with Inbroadcast live from the event:


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