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Brightcove Completes the OTT Continuum with Launch of OTT Flow X

Brightcove Completes the OTT Continuum with Launch of OTT Flow X

 October 2018

By Markus Hejdenberg, Director of Market Strategy, Accedo

In its blog about the launch, Brightcove commented that it is no longer a choice for media and entertainment companies to make their content available over the top. Now, it’s an expectation. Viewers around the world want to access and enjoy content on their chosen device and platform wherever they may be.

According to Digital TV Research, over-the-top (OTT) delivered content will account for 46% of all Western European TV revenues by 2023. Meanwhile Leichtman Research Group reports that 46% of adults watch video on non-TV devices (including home computers, mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and eReaders) daily. Consumers expect all their content to simply be available on any device and expect the user experience to be as good no matter how they are watching it.

For content owners, the need to deliver content to multiple platforms and devices adds a new layer of complexity. This requires both skills and understanding and often is a costly investment. This is causing a considerable challenge for many and can even be an insurmountable barrier for many smaller providers.

This situation was the impetus for the launch of Brightcove OTT Flow, powered by Accedo. Because it does not require any technical resources or up-front costs, it allows even small content providers to adopt a multi-platform video strategy. It has proven extremely successful and has even gained customers outside of the traditional broadcast space, including one of the world’s most recognised sports brands, Salomon.

The Launch of OTT Flow X

Earlier this year, together with Brightcove, we announced the launch of OTT Flow X, powered by Accedo. OTT Flow X is a natural addition to the award winning turnkey solution, OTT Flow, allowing broadcasters and content owners to get to market quickly while also offering greater UX/UI customization, a wider range of integrations with third party systems, and delivery to more platforms.

Crucially, OTT Flow X enables you to move away from from high CAPEX costs associated with premium OTT services to an OPEX model, which significantly lowers risks as well as adding predictability to your technical service costs. As a service owner you need to consider both the technical evolvement of a service and the various changes in user behaviour that will happen in both the short and long term. With OTT Flow X, you will be able to quickly adapt your service without any big teams or investment needed.  

OTT Flow X provides customers with a premium UX experience and the flexibility needed to extend the reach of content to the most popular devices, including web, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Samsung, LG platforms. Published apps are managed from a single console enabling seamless updates. More importantly, OTT Flow X simplifies and expedites the go to market process and gets content in front of viewers quicker, allowing content owners to capitalize on their investment sooner, while at the same time keeping costs down by eliminating the need for custom development.

OTT Flow X is a combination of Brightcove Video Cloud, which provides the backbone of the solution with its industry-leading video player, ingestion, transcoding, metadata management, and SDKs. Accedo Studio Pro reduces maintenance costs, and enables engaging user experiences and full management control of an OTT service across platforms from a central cloud-based dashboard.

A complete feature comparison of OTT Flow and OTT Flow X can be found here.

OTT Flow X has already gained some traction, especially in Asia. It is hardly surprising given that the OTT market in Asia is undergoing a boom period in 2018, none more so than Vietnam with local and foreign media companies, and telcos embracing the OTT opportunity.

At launch, we announced that  Vietnam Television Corporation (VTC) used the components of OTT Flow X to launch VTC NOW earlier this year. A new subscription-based OTT streaming service, VTC Now offers video on demand and live content that caters to both local residents and global Vietnamese diaspora audiences.

Also from Vietnam, in September, we announced that Funbox, one of the country’s most popular VOD services, aims to add one million new users when it launches on iOS, Android, Web, Roku devices and Smart TVs in 2019. Funbox, which currently has over four million daily views on YouTube, offers popular entertainment, such as singing competitions and comedy and lifestyle programs, to a loyal fan base in Vietnam and abroad.

If you are looking for a way to easily, cost-efficiently, and quickly get to market with a multiplatform OTT service, whilst also being able to make it bespoke, OTT Flow X is a great way to achieve that. If you want to find out how, get in touch.

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