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Why Partnerships are Key to Creating Successful Video Experiences

Dovile Trepkeviciute
 January 2019

By Dovile Trepkeviciute, Partnerships Manager, Accedo

Fast and complex market race

For an end-user, it can take a simple click of a button to start watching a new episode. But the journey to make this possible is long and complex, involving multiple technologies, from video processing, DRM, CDN, CRM, to video and end-user analytics, and more. Accedo’s market strategists estimate around 1500 technology providers are powering video solutions, deployed on over 500 device types and flavours. The video ecosystem requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to deliver a one-click video solution. It is unlikely that one company would deliver a high quality solution on the entire value chain alone betting it will remain at the forefront of rapidly changing technologies and business models.

Wide range of partners

To address the complexity of the ecosystem, Accedo has already built a wide network of over one hundred technology and service partners, including Harmonic, Comcast Technology Solutions, Roku, Oculus, Google and AWS. With some of them we have created customer-centric video solutions such as OTT FLOW in partnership with Brightcove and the Accedo Data Driven Video Solution, powered by Jump TV. Success of these solutions has proven that there is a market appetite to continue building more tailored and joint market offerings together with partners. This is one of the main impetuses that led us to launch the Partner Program and keep our focus on successful partnerships.

Connecting the right partners and customers

Building video apps can be much like doing a jigsaw puzzle. Each customer deployment has unique needs and finding the right partners is key to helping the pieces slot together. As a video solution provider, we are continually survey the ecosystem to understand which technology companies have the right solutions to complement different types of deployments. This is important for our customers who are challenged with the complicated process of gathering technical information about each part of the chain, as well as evaluating USPs, pricing, and product capabilities. The Partner Program facilitates market monitoring and proposes different partnership strategies to connect partners with customers. For the partners in our program, it means introductions to customers globally, and for our customers it means the knowledge that the video service is being developed and built by professional vendors.

Collaboration strategies for mutual success

The partner program proposes new collaboration strategies to keep a focus on partners and meet customer needs. Knowledge sharing, sales acceleration, seamless and customer centric solutions are at the center of the program. Each of these focus areas are defined in the following partnership strategies:

  • Specialist: Engage with Accedo’s experts in the video industry.
    This enables partners to learn more about Accedo and vice versa. Knowledge sharing between us and partners helps addressing industry complexities and together with partners we are able to meet customer needs quicker by knowing each other better.


  • Channel:Accelerate sales and generate revenue as an Accedo Channel Partner.
    Together with our partners, we target globally existing and new customers. Signed referral/reseller agreements bring more leads and generate more revenue for partners.   


  • Accedo One™: License or integrate with Accedo products to expand your offerings.
    Accedo provides easy access to integration points for partners, making it easier to deliver innovative video services for the benefit of customers. Partners are welcome to license Accedo One products to build their own solution, hence expanding their market reach.


  • Solution Partner: Launch new market solutions by working with the Accedo team.
    Partners are invited to build a new joint market offering including go to market strategy. We mutually provide technical, business and marketing support to deliver faster scalable and seamless solutions which are more attractive for customers.


If you are interested in joining our Partner Program, please start by telling us more about your company to help us define a suitable partnership strategy. You can find out more and start the application process here.

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