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Shaping the Future of Video Experiences with Better Content Management

Shaping the Future of Video Experiences with Better Content Management

Daniel Friedlander, Product Manager, Accedo
 December 2018

By Daniel Friedlander, Product Manager, Accedo

We built Accedo Control with this rapidly changing world in mind. Control is a powerful app configuration management tool delivering targeted experiences in real time. The headless CMS in Control empowers our customers to create and manage incredibly flexible content models to rapidly roll out app launches in new languages, regions and on new devices and platforms.

While Control is a very powerful product, it can be challenging to unlock the full power without an equally nimble user interface. At Accedo, we want editors, publishers and content curators to easily unlock full capabilities every time they use Control.

This is why we are making a significant investment into the usability of Control.

It started with the discovery, design and build of a brand new user interface for the headless CMS. This new interface is available now to all users of Accedo Control’s headless CMS (as well as some of our other tools) as an opt-in beta. We’ve focused on shaving off the rough edges to improve the user experience and enable a more intuitive editing workflow in a cleaner and smoother interface.

We’re excited for our customers to try the new interface as we continue to improve the usability of Control. If you want to check it out for yourself, get a demo.

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