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Delivering The Perfect World Cup experience – A True Team Effort

Delivering The Perfect World Cup experience – A True Team Effort

Steven Kopec, Head of Service Management and Data Protection Officer, Accedo
 June 2018

 By Steven Kopec, Head of Service Management and Data Protection Officer at Accedo

Iceland and Mexico can vouch that the pressure of the World Cup can bring out the best of collective talent while Germany and Brazil know all too well the toll it can take on performance, even on the world’s favorites! The same is true for the Accedo Service Management and customer’s delivery teams who, together, have been working around the clock to ensure football lovers world-over experience a flawless video streaming experience during the first round of World Cup matches.  

In Asia alone, the Accedo team has to date, supported simultaneous live monitoring and management of over 1.5M users in India, 31,000 in Malaysia and 24,000 in Indonesia. All of our operator-customers in the region are experiencing the highest ever demand on record and in some cases, up to four times more than in previous events.

Mixed Talents and Techniques

 Managing a winning football team is a balancing act of mixing talent, experience, and technique. Accedo’s Service Management team managers and the Accedo One™ team faced a similar challenge by not only ensuring the quality of experience across our own video experience platform but also providing live event monitoring and management of third-party and in-house systems and solutions – each unique to our customer’s video service work-flow and architecture.

Training and Scaling for Perfect Performance

No one wins a game without preparation, putting in the hours of training and of course, working together as a team. Ahead of the start of the World Cup, our Service Management team worked closely with all of our customers to load-test systems and processes. In one specific case, we re-architected and improved a Customer’s middleware component to handle 64x the load of the previous production version. It was a tremendous effort on both sides and one that puts our Customer instead to deliver the perfect World Cup experience throughout the rest of this extremely exciting tournament.

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