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Creating Next-Gen Sporting Memories

Creating Next-Gen Sporting Memories

Creating Next-Gen Sporting Memories
Luke Gaydon
Head of Strategy & Solutions
 April 2019

And for those diehard sporting fans, these moments are likely etched on your memory and evoke a wealth of emotions every time you think of them.

We all know that the way in which video is consumed is evolving. Nowhere more so than in the world of sport, one of the most popular and emotive forms of video entertainment there is, especially for live. Not surprising then that sports video is set to have the highest year-on-year growth for digital content revenues this year, according to Juniper. It is estimated to reach $94 billion revenue in 2019, which is equivalent to 45% of global annual revenue growth for digital content.

There is a massive opportunity for sports content providers to tap into this fan base, but with that comes an equally massive challenge to keep fans engaged and above all loyal. That will become increasingly difficult as more and more providers begin to chase those all-important sports rights. Sports providers need to look for that edge to enhance the viewing experience for those dedicated and passionate fans. It is no longer enough to just launch a service and provide good content, consumers want more. 

Earlier this week, we announced the launch of a brand new sports solution. Our mission is to provide a technology platform that ensures the ambitions of service providers can match the dedication and passion of their audience – the fans. 

At its core, the solution enables sports service providers to launch premium OTT and Direct-to-Consumer services featuring Live, Catch Up and On Demand video to all major platforms. More than that, it enables sports providers to deliver personalized user experiences, leveraging an AI-driven business intelligence platform that makes it easier to provide the service fans want. For those providers want to make the sports experience truly immersive, it even supports the addition of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content. No matter what your favorite sport, we want to be involved in helping to create and recreate the next generation of sporting memories for every sports fan around the world. You can find out more in our press release and see it in action on our booth (SU9514) at NAB. Book a demo.


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