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Better Audience Data, Better Results

Better Audience Data, Better Results

 March 2018

According to Amanda D. Lotz, author of ‘The Television Will Be Revolutionized’ it goes back as far as during the 1960s and 1970s when Nielsen introduced the Storage Instantaneous Audimeter, a device that daily sent viewing information to the company’s computers using phone lines and made national daily ratings available by 1973.

Today, we are not only tracking audience behaviour on broadcast channels but also on Over-the-Top (OTT) video services across mobile and connected devices, creating complexity and opportunities in equal measure.

Making Big Data Smart Data

With the right tools, data provides insights to help us make smart business decisions, including those around our video experiences.

Accedo Optimize ( is an A/B Testing platform, popular with broadcasters, pay TV operators and other OTT video services providers, as it allows them to test and refine their user experience in real time, making it perfect for their audiences.


As video service providers tap into their deep libraries to push high-demand content like premium and children’s content, powerful comparison data helps focus their efforts on the content that drives revenue and real-time viewer behaviour analysis, provides contextualized user engagement insights to help them adapt to changing viewing habits and make smarter marketing decisions.

To find out how to harness the power of data to grow and transform your video experience, sign up for demo of Accedo One and Accedo Optimize today.

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