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Barriers to OTT Entry in Latin America

Barriers to OTT Entry in Latin America

Barriers to OTT Entry in Latin America
Hector Rodriguez
Sales Manager, LatAm
 November 2019

Next week I will be heading to Miami for Nextv CEO Latin America. It is always a great event to attend, giving us another chance to listen to our customers and see what challenges they are trying to overcome right now.

Even as I look down the agenda, it is apparent that OTT features heavily. This is no surprise given that the move to OTT is probably the most important topic in Latin America at the moment. Whilst OTT naturally brings a number of important opportunities to video service providers across the region, it also comes with a great deal of new complexity. The prolific advent of new technology is further adding to that complexity. When you think just three years ago, we only had to think about iOS, Android, and web when launching a video service, now the list of platforms is endless. Not only that, but consumers are beginning to expect those services across any and all of those so they can access content they want when and where they want it.

By far the biggest challenge in Latin America when it comes to the move to OTT is and remains one of budget. Broadcasters and Pay TV operators are looking to make the move, but they are not putting the same level of budget towards it and their counterparts in other areas of the world. This is causing a problem as it is often leading them to use partners without much experience. I’m hearing more and more stories of mistakes being made during development that ended up delaying the time to market. This in turn is increasing development cost beyond what it should have cost to use an expert in the first place.

The other major challenge for video providers across the region is the sheer complexity of the entire ecosystem. It is not just the devices that are varied, there are so many companies offering different tools for each part of the video ecosystem. With so many elements to consider, such as security, encoding, playout etc, it is very easy to get overwhelmed.

This was the impetus behind our launch of the Accedo One Marketplace, which pulls together a range of trusted partners to make it easy for our customers to select all the tools they need from one simple platform. Personally I think this will go a long way to solving some of that complexity while giving video providers that peace of mind knowing that they have selected the right tools to ensure seamless delivery of OTT services.

If you would like to find out more about Accedo One and Accedo One Marketplace, get in touch to meet me at Nextv CEO Latin America.


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