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Back in business

 April 2016


Gustav back again, once again in Hong Kong back at the office after a short vacation over the Easter holidays. I took the opportunity while being in this part of the world to visit Hanoi and the surrounding areas (Halong Bay and Tam Coc) in Vietnam. Hanoi is a very large chaotic city and the Vietnamese countryside is extremely beautiful and I enjoyed both experiences, but enough travel talk.

As you may already know this will be my last two weeks with the MS-team and also my last two weeks at the Hong Kong office (for now) before I move on to my next trainee rotation. But I am still staying focused on the task at hand want to leave the team while on top.

Last week Microsoft held their annual conference event //build/ and announced some pretty interesting stuff including the ability to run UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps on Xbox One.

I have already started and will probably continue to spend some time during these remaining weeks looking into and trying out the Dev Mode preview of Xbox One released during //build/ 2016.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Hong Kong office for being so nice and making me feel welcome and included during my time spent working from here. And a special thanks to the Microsoft team with Romain, Gregory, Mehul and Limson for being very helpful and patient with me while I was learning. Hopefully, I will be back in Hong Kong again in not too long time.

All the best for the weekend, Gustav!


Rooftop basketball with my collegues in Hong Kong
Rooftop basketball with my colleagues in Hong Kong


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