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Another reason to join us!

 February 2016

We are really proud to work in one of Sweden’s most exciting companies! Not only do we say this, but this week it was announced that Accedo is one of the Top 100 Most Exciting Employers (Karriärsföretag) in Sweden. The companies on the list have gone through a solid review process rating both an external Culture Assessment Index and an Employee Engagement survey that has been answered by the people working at Accedo. Overall we scored high with an employer satisfaction of 81%!

But enough with the numbers – we want to tell you why Accedo is such an exciting company to work at!

First of all, personal development is highly in focus at Accedo. Especially as a Trainee, we get the chance to dive head first into several different contexts and meet people from every corner of the company. Just ask Gustav, who is currently enjoying a period working in Hong Kong.

Having the opportunity to travel abroad in our work and act in a truly global organization is something both of us value. I (Gustav) feel that I already have gained both valuable personal and professional experience working with an international team in an office in a different country with a very different culture. Getting the chance to do this signals to me that Accedo is ready to invest in its employees’ wishes and development.

Our internal training program also helps us to stay up to date, and to remember that stopping to evolve is simply not an option. Just the other day I (Oscar) attended both a highly technical training about how to test microservices (don’t worry, I had no idea what that was either!) and a hands on risk management training that can really help how we work as a team.

If you’re interested in joining us moving forward, check out our careers page.

//Gustav & Oscar

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