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Android TV – The Pay TV Video Experience Game-Changer

Android TV – The Pay TV Video Experience Game-Changer

Simon Leadlay
 February 2018

Lacking a fully-integrated cross-platform application and user interface layer, the ability for Pay TV operators to customise and brand their user experience (UX) has been expensive and often dependent on proprietary software. Additionally, the process of porting third-party applications to run on an operator’s set-top box has been similarly complicated.

With the launch of Google’s Android TV Operator Tier platform, the ballgame for Pay TV Operators has changed. Taking lessons from the consumer mobile phone market, the Android TV platform brings together a robust app-vendor and app-developer community with the support of the set-top box device and chipset manufacturers to create the first completely-standardised, Google-supported, Android OS platform for Pay TV operators.

Android TV has always had potential, given that it provides quick time to market and subscriber access to thousands of third-party apps from the Google Play store. Now, with the Android TV Operator Tier program, Google is also allowing the much-needed flexibility for operators to customise the main UI of their video service, providing the ability to replace the Google Launcher with one of their own design and branding. In addition, operators can prioritise their own content over that of third-parties and feature their own channels exclusively in the linear channel guide. The result is a truly branded experience and a cohesive platform to better complete within an increasingly OTT-focused market.

The flexibility and opportunities offered by the Android TV Operator Tier platform have resulted in rapid adoption by pay TV operators in Asia and Europe particularly. According to research firm Dataxis, 40 Pay TV operators have now deployed Android STBs as of the third quarter of 2017, heralding the move of Android TV into mainstream Pay TV. Additionally, S&P Global Market Intelligence predicts that worldwide shipments of Android TV-powered set-top boxes will increase from 1.2 million in 2016 to nearly 12 million in 2021.

With these newfound freedoms, Accedo is confident that 2018 is going to bring about a substantial increase in the number of highly dynamic and immersive multi-screen video offerings available on Android TV-based platforms. Accedo is pleased to offer our Accedo Studio Android TV Launcher as a product-based solution for Pay TV operators launching with Android TV Operator Tier. The Accedo Android TV Launcher is available with a brandable, skinnable portfolio user interface, and the full support of the Accedo One platform — Accedo’s cloud platform to grow and transform video experiences.


Delivering The Pay TV Operator-Driven User Experience – we investigate the opportunities presented by the Android TV Operator Tier for the Pay TV market, and how best-leverage those opportunities to launch a Pay TV operator-driven user experience on an Android TV set-top box.

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