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An Accedo Christmas

An Accedo Christmas

 December 2017

At Accedo, we are proud to say that we, as a company, cover every corner and continent of the globe, and therefore Accedo is not only visited by Santa at Christmas, as he comes in all different shapes and sizes (and names).

And so, Feliz Navidad, God Jul, and enjoy your Posadas!

With a dark sky outside the window, and giant elks illuminating the streets, the Accedo Stockholm office is busy decorating with tinsel garlands, handcrafted origami stars, all whilst enjoying some yummy glögg (Swedish mulled wine) as well as lussekatter (saffron buns). We also had Secret Santa coming to our xmas inspired after work.


In Sweden, the Big Day of celebrations takes place on the 24th December, Christmas Eve. This day is spent decorating the Christmas tree (if it’s not done before), and placing all of the presents underneath! A time-honoured tradition since 1960, is that at 15:00pm everyone gathers around the TV to watch the festive ‘Donald Duck and friends wishing a Merry Christmas’.

Festivities at the Hong Kong office are celebrated with a party, where will colleagues exchange gifts, and make memories in the Christmas photo booth. Not to mention the beautifully decorated tree shown.

Our London office will be eagerly awaiting Santa’s visit on the 24th, leaving out mince pies and milk (or in some cases sherry), not to mention a carrot for Rudolph. In the UK, presents are opened on 25th. The traditional Christmas meal is also eaten on 25th and involves turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, sprouts, and often pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon). The Christmas pudding is then set alight thanks to an extra helping of brandy. In the UK, people also make room at some point in the day for Christmas cake of course, which takes the form of a fruit cake covered in white royal icing.

Our Hungary office kick-started its celebrations on the 6th December, which is known as Saint Nicholas’ Feast Day. Mikulás/Télapo (Santa) visits the children on the night of the 5th, filling the stockings of the children. On Szenteste, the 24th December, our colleagues will be decorating their Christmas trees and eating Halászle and Bejgli before Jézuska brings the presents.


With the sun still beating strong in the sunny LA offices in America, the Accedo staff are bringing plenty of Christmas cheer. From a decorated tree to an Ugly Christmas Jumper competition, the US team are bringing plenty of cheer. As well as the traditional western celebrations, the US office has put its own special twist on tradition with its annual Slam Dunk Contest.

The large and enthusiastic Madrid office kicks off its Navidad celebrations with a Christmas dinner in the first week of December, with an annual magic show performed by its very own wizard. The response the magic is enough to show the rampaging celebrations had in Madrid. Our Spanish colleagues will be following the traditional eating of 12 grapes on 31st December, as well as the coming of the Los 3 Reyes Magos on the 5th January. On this night 3 Magic Kings, with their camels, bring all the children presents.


Connaught Place is the spot to be during the Christmas period for our New Delhi office. In India, Christmas Eve is spent visiting the Sacred Hearth Cathedral Church in Gole Market near Connaught place, followed by an indulgence in a feast with friends at a fancy restaurant. A trip to Connaught Place is a must, with the decorations, lively crowd and stars in the Central Park making it the heart of Delhi.

The Posadas will be celebrated by our Guadalajara office from the 16th to the 24th December, with piñatas, tamales, fritters and punch. This time of year celebrated the pilgrimage of Joseph and Mary, in search of a place for the birth of Jesus. On the 24th, dinner is spent with family, and usually served at 11:00pm/12:00am. During the night, El niño Dios (Baby Jesus) delivers presents, and these are opened on the 25th, with the dinner from the night before reheated for a second serving!


A worldwide company tradition undertaken at Accedo is that we don’t give employees presents. No – we aren’t Scrooges, instead we allow our employees to vote for a cause of their choice for a donation to be made from Accedo. This year we have spread the holiday cheer by donating to PLAN international, an organisation that was founded in 1937 and is relentlessly driving change to advance children’s rights and equality for girls in 71 countries across the globe.

So, with all that going on around the world, it just remains for us to wish you happy holidays, however you are celebrating them. If you want to see what we think 2018 has in store for the industry, check out our latest blog post from CEO, Michael Lantz.

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