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After work activities: Hackathon, pizza & beer

 February 2015

Last week, the Accedo Culture Club held one of its after work activities, this time a so-called Hackathon. This type of event brings together people from all over the company working at different departments that wants to hang out with other employees and explore some new technology or framework; learn a new programming language; or pursuit a hobby project of some sort. Somewhere around 20 people from the Stockholm office came, with the last one leaving the office sometime around 1 AM. Everything from first-time mobile app development in iOS, to large-scale real-time visualisation of API access on the web was being explored. Some of the stuff that was being investigated was

* Hybrid mobile application development with Phonegap + jQuery
* Game development in Javascript
* Messing around with a mentometer and its API
* Occulus Rift demo sessions
* Investigations on MongoDB and Firebase

There was beer, pizza and lots of cool, inspiring ideas, making the hackathon a real success. As this is a recurring activity from the Culture Club, I am already excited for the next session!

Pizza + beer + Gmail = hackathon?
Pizza + beer + Gmail = hackathon?

The Accedo Culture Club is a group of Accedo employees, open for anyone to join, which hosts events and engages their fellow employees through social activities both at- and off-work, such as lunch lectures, sports events (such as skiing or go karting) or the hackathon I described above. They also actively contribute with input towards improving our work processes, office planning as well as employee satisfaction.

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