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Africa – Where Mobile Rules

Ghali Belghali, MEA Region Director
 October 2017

This month, we will be heading to TV Connect Africa, which focuses on multiscreen and OTT services and enabling African broadcasters to realize the opportunities of the digital transition.

Personally I think it will be the best yet as the African market is positively booming right now. It is also an interesting market, unlike any other, where the mobile operators are king.

The Role of Mobile

Mobile phones have had a massive impact for African consumers and there are a huge number of operators in the region making competition fierce and prices low. For the mobile operators, who until recently were making the main revenue from calls and text messages, TV services have become the main revenue generator.

It is not surprising when you consider the amount of effort on the part of those operators to get to this stage. We have seen partnerships bringing the mainstream services to the region, including Netflix, Showmax, and Amazon. This is coupled with a whole range of content from the incumbent broadcasters, including live channels, live sports, and video on demand. The mobile operators have made themselves a one-stop entertainment shop and are having huge success.

The Right Technology

It is clear that Africa is a unique region which needs a unique set of tools. The IPTV infrastructure doesn’t make sense and nor do the tools to enable that. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. But of course Accedo One does fit all!

I, for one, am pleased that our new offering gives me the flexibility to take the solutions that make most sense to the markets I’m working in. For Africa, Accedo One Studio is definitely the best solution for mobile operators going OTT. It is easy to deploy and helps them build and design customized brand experiences across multiple platforms. What it isn’t is a complicated infrastructure, which just wouldn’t work in this market.

TV Connect Africa

If you are heading to TV Connect Africa, I would love to meet you to discuss how we can help you deliver the right services in this unique market.

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