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Accedo Solutions – Here To Help You Capitalise On The Perfect Storm Of Video Creation And Consumption

Accedo Solutions – Here To Help You Capitalise On The Perfect Storm Of Video Creation And Consumption

Luke Gaydon
 August 2018


By Luke Gaydon, Vice President Solution Management, Accedo

…the stats speak for themselves:

  • 45% of people watch an hour or more of video per day (Hubspot).
  • 63% of businesses use video for marketing (Wyzowl).
  • Almost 50% of web users look for a video before visiting a store (Google).
  • 90% of Twitter video views happen on mobile(Hubspot).
  • By 2020, there will be almost a million minutes of video per second crossing the internet (Cisco).
  • Snapchatters watch 10 billion videos a day (AdWeek).


So, let’s move to the other side of the equation and discuss content creation and how you can better capitalize on it.

Today it costs less to create content than ever before – $20 for a Dashcam, and before you judge the quality of content produced by the latter, you should watch this clip which has been viewed ~43m times. Conversely it’s also never been more expensive to produce content – $6m per episode of GoT. There is demand at both ends of the spectrum.

Added to which the cloud has lowered the cost to process and distribute video content to pennies on the $. Factor in new AI-based video content productions tools, such as Linius and Lumen5, and we should be bracing ourselves for (another) step change in content creation.

The point I’m labouring to make is that more people working in more industries are going to be creating more content for more people to watch on more devices. Accedo has been facilitating the latter part of this process for nearly 10 years. And we’re proud of our history of designing, creating and supporting user experiences for some of the most recognisable brands in online video.

We do so in a variety of ways, whether it’s our Service Management team making sure Sony LIV’s audience in India can watch the World Cup or our PS team working with Channel4 to make the All4 service voice-enabled via Google Home. Regardless of the customer, service or method, we are committed to ensuring that a state of the art UX & design competence is embedded in everything we do.

The objective of the Accedo Solutions team is to take this commitment and our 10 years of experience and translate it into new offerings (Solutions) which will help companies of all shapes and sizes, capitalise on this perfect storm of video creation and consumption.

We believe Solutions and the partnerships that we build around them will play a critical role in our company’s growth over the next 3 years. We’ve had no small amount of success with our first foray into the Solutions space in conjunction with Brightcove; OTT Flow and OTT Flow X.

More recently we launched the Accedo Data Driven Video Solution, powered by Jump TV. We believe the future of UX design will be dynamic and data-driven. Our partnership with Jump TV moves us further towards that future where consumers are presented with a cloud data driven video experience that is tailored and optimized based on analysis of their preferences and viewing habits. Over the next few weeks we will be bringing two new Solutions to market, one based on Service Management offering and the other building on the recent work we’ve done with Google around its Google Home product.

The Solutions team is working closely with Accedo’s Innovations team to develop our roadmap and create, for example, AR solutions for sports fans. One on show at IBC is our concept for long-distance sports events and another for an in-stadium AR basketball experience.

Attending the IBC Show in September? Then let’s meet and discover our new Accedo Data Driven Video Solution and experience our AR, VR, AI and Voice Innovations first hand.

Like what we are doing and want to come and join the team? Check out our current job openings.

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