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Rapidly lunch and grow your own streaming platform by harnessing templated applications and flexible integrations.

Grow your video Business

Flexible Designs

Gain access to premium native apps and customizable UX experiences that you can style and configure to create a video service that is unique to your brand.

Business Insights

Benefit from an aggregated display of service analytics that help you make better decisions and optimize performance based on user behavior and preferences.

Smarter Pricing

Be sure to only pay for what you need with our adaptable product editions and pricing model that allow you to scale up and down as the needs of your business evolve.

Partner Marketplace

Take advantage of a marketplace ecosystem consisting of a wide range of expert vendors that can be easily integrated as your service evolves.

Visual Editor

Work with a visual editor that brings new levels of ease to content curation and UI management, allowing you to safely and quickly roll out changes to live services.

Accedo One

Manage the complexity of your video business in one place

Design and manage a uniquely branded video business across all leading consumer platforms.


Get your video service to market fast with a product that reduces the complexities of execution.

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Expand your service by integrating new features based on what your customers want and need.

Partnering to Innovate

We partner with some of the most recognizable and trusted brands in the media and technology industry, bringing together diverse technologies and expert thought-leadership from across the video service ecosystem.

Accedo is an Advanced Technology Partner that works closely with AWS to build scalable and innovative video streaming solutions with AWS Cloud Services.