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How Can You Make FAST Work For Your Business?

How Can You Make FAST Work For Your Business?

How Can You Make FAST Work For Your Business?
Michael Lantz
Co-founder & CEO, Accedo
INSIGHTS Monthly Minute /
 November 2022

Amidst rising inflation and an escalating cost of living crisis, many consumers are looking to reduce their expenditure. It is not surprising that the demand for perceived non-essential costs like SVOD services is on decline, while there is surging demand for ad-supported offerings. The absence of subscription fees is certainly a driving factor behind the rising popularity of FAST, but could its linear nature limit its potential for growth?

In this issue of Accedo’s Monthly Minute, our co-founder and CEO, Michael Lantz, shares his view on the opportunities presented by FAST, as well as offering his recommendations to make it work in the quickly evolving on-demand video market.

If you’re interested in speaking to us about your video business, contact our Global Sales Team.
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