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Accedo Mexico Turns 2!

 February 2017

It has been two years since we opened our Accedo Mexico office. To mark the occasion, the team has recorded a video profiling the last two years.

Our Director of Delivery Operations, Damian Mora also composed the following to share his feelings about the journey:

During our first year of operation we focused on growth and learning,

but in the second year we had the challenge of consolidating us.

This year has been a fantastic journey for us all,

because we understood how to perform as one team.

We took great pleasure by teaching the newcomers

and it saddens us to said good bye to those who left;

we made lots of new friends on the way.

There were moments when we took care each other

and also moments to celebrate and have fun.

They said home is where your heart is, 

so we built a new home and we fill it with our hearts.

We were witnesses of Accedo’s global growth

and we are thrilled with the expansion of the family

We love what we do, we love the hard work,

we still feeling the magic like if it was our very first day.

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