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A Trainee’s Impressions of IBC 2016

 October 2016


dsc00650My name is Anton and I have been a trainee here at Accedo for about four weeks now. I recently went to IBC in Amsterdam, which is a yearly exhibition for everyone involved in creation and distribution of media in one way or another. It was a great experience. I learned a lot about the industry as a whole, I met colleagues from all over the world and I got the chance to demonstrate our products and services.

The industry that we are in is quite complex. There is so much to learn in terms of the current market, competitors, partners and technology. I must admit it is a bit overwhelming. IBC in itself is crazy and super intense. It gets even more confusing as I barely know our own products and what we do.

Looking back at IBC I can really see how much I learned. At first, everything felt confusing and a bit scary. I focused on learning how to demonstrate OTT Flow to clients, while still even learning about the product myself. Demonstrating the product as early and as often as I did really made me reflect on what I had yet to learn. Initially I just felt that I constantly wanted to ask my colleagues something about the product. Demonstrating the product at least got me to a point where I knew what to ask.

Asking the right questions can get you far, and I quickly learned OTT Flow piece by piece. The last few days I even felt comfortable enough with our other products and services to bring that up in conversations with potential clients. Some of them came in to our stand and asked me straight up: What can Accedo do for me?. I am sure I messed up a few details, but I did feel like I was able to communicate Accedo’s story and current direction in a comprehensive way.

Being put in this environment got me up to speed in a matter of days. That would probably have taken me weeks as a junior developer without the whole IBC experience.

So, what was so good about IBC for me personally?

I really appreciated being a part of the team that demonstrated the products. I truly believe in learning by doing, and this case is no exception. Accedo trusted me to pick up bits and pieces along the way in order to be able to contribute and communicate what we do.

We had a few days to prepare in Stockholm. Since I wrote my master thesis here at Accedo earlier this year I knew some parts of the “Accedo story”. However, I did not feel comfortable enough presenting and explaining our products. Those few days in Stockholm got me up and running with the products and gave me a chance to dig into some of the more complex concepts of the solutions.

We were there for the entire exhibition. Trust me, it was definitely nothing short of exhausting, but it was definitely worth it. We had time to walk around in the different halls, talk to other companies and connect with other people within Accedo.

There are no stupid questions. From day one I felt that I could ask anyone basically anything. I asked about details in OTT Flow, I talked to sales people about pitching techniques and what a lead actually might lead to.
Overall, IBC was amazing. Accedo seem to be a strong believer in learning by doing, which fits me perfectly.

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