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A new type of user experience

 September 2016

In the innovations team here at Accedo, we are always looking at what is coming next and how the entertainment experience can get better. We have, during the past 10 years, gone from consuming video the traditional, linear way to the on-demand way. Linear TV and VOD are two completely different user experiences. While linear TV offers a lean-back experience with instant access to content and low friction for the user, VOD on the other hand requires a user to to take a more active role.

In actual fact, “smart” TVs have failed because of the assumption that more is always better. Instead of evolving the television experience, TV makers have simply added to it, heaping more streams, more services, and more content onto our sets without rethinking the interfaces for accessing them. The same problem plagues the services that power those smart TVs. Netflix offers thousands of options for what to watch, but instead of giving you a chance to skip through and sample them, it makes you evaluate each one, like a title on a video-store shelf. In both cases, the experience has become more about selecting a piece of content than simply watching TV.

The result? More ends up feeling like a lot less.

Of course with linear TV, there is very limited opportunity for interaction, personalisation and endless choice, key features that have all been huge selling points for OTT services. However, VOD applications seem to have responded to the lack of interaction and personal selection in linear TV by going to the other extreme. We believe there is a sweet spot somewhere in the middle where the user can get the added value of video on demand, but still keep the simplicity of the linear experience.

At our HQ in Stockholm, the innovations team has been thinking about this quandary and trying to work out the best solution to finding that sweet spot. What we have come up with is a concept for a new type of SVOD experience, Cream.

It combines the simple, elegant user interface of traditional linear TV with the power of choice and personalisation offered by VOD. On a high level Cream is a service where users can watch virtual linear channels, instead of browsing for specific pieces of content. The core UI of Cream is simple. The user experience is focused around discovering content, and the device on which you are consuming video has limited interaction and limited distractions.

At IBC, we will be presenting this concept as part of the Content Everywhere Demo Hub. If you want to find out more, be sure to catch our session at 11am on 11th September or book a meeting on our stand (14.E14) to see and try Cream and our other innovations!

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