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A new adventure is waiting for you

 March 2016

Time flies! It has been more than half a year since I became a trainee at Accedo. It is time to have a short update on what I have gained from the program and share some useful information for those of you considering applying to our upcoming program.

I really enjoy the knowledge I gained during the rotations. By working in the different departments, I gained hands-on experience on different kinds of use cases of modern web technologies, from web applications to apps for smart TVs. In addition, different departments have very different working styles. I now have a deeper understanding of the agile frameworks (like Scrum) or working process we need in daily life to keep a project going smoothly and efficiently.

I am going to finish my assignment in Professional Services Department soon. My next assignment will be in our Products DevOps team. Personally, I am very curious about how to automize the building and deployment process of our product and how to play with Amazon Cloud Services. I am a technical guy. My plan is to gain experience on the entire technical process, from development and quality assurance to final deployment on the real server. I am sure it will benefit both Accedo and myself a lot. Sounds exciting, right?

We are now recruiting for Accedo’s Trainee program 2016-17. If you are interested, send us your application no later than March 27th. I can really recommend this experience especially if you, just like me, are a new graduate and can’t choose between all the options of what to do next. This experience has really helped me to concretize what I want to pursue. If you have any questions regarding my experiences in the trainee program, feel free to contact me, e-mail: [email protected]

A new adventure is waiting for you! feeling excited? KEEP CALM and APPLY! Looking forward to meeting you at Accedo.

P.S. Check out the video below to know more about the trainee program. It is an Oscar Movie 🙂


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