5 Reasons to Meet Accedo at CES 2020

With a New Year and decade upon us, it is time to head to Las Vegas for CES. The Accedo team is packed up, ready to go, and looking forward to a busy few days of meetings.

By Mrugesh Desai, Regional Vice President, North America, Accedo

You may already have us on your “must-see” list, but in case you need some persuasion, here are the top five reasons why you should book a meeting:

1. To Manage the Complexity of Video Delivery

Over the last decade we have certainly seen a phenomenal amount of change in the video industry. Video providers have more opportunities to engage with audiences than ever before, but are also facing a great deal of challenges to ensure their offerings remain attractive.  

These days, while consumers expect access to the content they want anywhere and everywhere, there are more services, solutions, devices, and formats than ever before. Media workflows have never looked so complex and video providers need a way to manage and control that complexity.

Accedo One has been designed to address the increasingly complex multi-service media environment by providing easy access to all necessary technology components in the ecosystem, coupled with advanced business intelligence along with a state of the art visual UX editor. The new version of Accedo One, which will be commercially available in the coming months, is a best-of-breed platform-as-a-service where you can easily select not only the features and platforms you desire, but also the technology vendors to integrate through Accedo One Marketplace.

2. To Tackle Growing Competition and Reducing Content Sources

In his recent blog post, our CEO, Michael Lantz, commented on the rise of global OTT strategies from several large US content providers and how it will lead to challenges for the standard local or regional SVOD providers who rely heavily on new, or library, content from those providers. Not only will these services prove to be tough competition, they will also force those providers to find new ways to keep consumers engaged. This will be partly about finding new content sources, but it will also be about enhancing services with new innovations, such as delivery Augmented Reality (AR) features or enabling voice navigation.

Find out more about our AR solution or read our view on the future of voice. Our innovations team also recently worked on a new way to present VOD content.

3. To Become an Aggregator

In the past few years we have seen a growing trend for the multiple subscription consumer. However, consumers are now losing patience with having to navigate between multiple different services. If that isn’t addressed, they will simply re-prioritise and drop the services they use the least. The future lies in an aggregated approach where consumers can access all of their services from one central location.

We have a great deal of experience delivering solutions and services within the Android TV ecosystem and have already helped a number of clients launch Pay TV services with an aggregator approach. Over the coming months, we will likely see more follow suit and we look forward to helping them.  

4. To Optimize Your Video Business

In this ultra-competitive environment, it is no longer enough to simply deliver great content to your audience. Optimizing and growing your video business means listening to your customers, tracking viewer and subscriber habits, and adapting your offering to ensure you always keep your customers happy. It is also about finding new ways to enhance the viewing experience.

Here are just a few things we can help you with:

·  Data-driven insights – gain a granular view of your video service and act on those insights to enhance viewer satisfaction and engagement.

·  Service Management – the Accedo team can manage your service beyond the build stage to ensure you continue to delight your viewers post-launch.

·  Innovations – from VR to AR and voice navigation, we are always innovating to find new ways to enhance the viewing experience.

5. To Learn about the Latest Video Industry Trends

The video industry is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, meaning it is more important than ever for video providers to keep up with the latest trends that will impact their video services in the coming weeks, months, and years. Because we work with a huge variety of video providers, from the largest broadcasters to regional VOD providers and enterprise brands, we have a wide understanding of the entire industry as a whole.

In his latest blog post, our CEO talked through his predictions for 2020. If you are heading to CES and would simply like to grab a coffee and discuss what is in store, we are happy to chat.

Ultimately, we can help no matter what stage you are at in your video business and no matter how much support you need, whether you are looking for products and solutions or to have an expert team on hand. If you want to optimise and grow your video business, come and see us at CES.